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ARROWHEAD - Flint STriker

Kr. 199,-


  • STRIKE SPARKS: Emberlit Strike-A-Light Arrowhead is a classy looking striker. The unique design can be used as a zipper pull,worn as a pendant, and used as a keychain. It is easy to hold and use due to it's size.
  • MADE FROM: Emberlit strikers are made from superb high carbon steel professionally heat treated to the optimal hardness for throwing showers of hot sparks.
  • THE PERFECT TOOL FOR: Backpacking, Campinging, Canoeing, Mortorcycle/Bicycle Touring, River Running, Bushcrafting, Wilderness Survival, Disaster Preparation or Impromptu.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weight 25 g, Width 2.54 cm, Length 6 cm, Height .0,32 cm.