Solar Solutions from bare modules to finished goods.

At Ascent Solar they design, develop, and manufacture the ultimate Solar technology and Power Solutions for remote locations and extreme enviroments.


Ascent XD 12

With 12 Watts of solar power and a 2.0 Amp smart USB output, the durable and compact Ascent XDTM 12 USB Solar Charger can charge smartphones, tablets, and USB-enabled devices as fast as a wall outlet.


Ascent Solar's manufacturing process is based around CIGS (copper-indium-gallium-selenide) depositited onto a polyimide (plastic) substrate.

This process is what enables Ascent's solar panels to be so incredibly flexible and durable while remaining extremely efficient.

The XD series from Ascent Solar, is one of the most duable solarpanel on the market, with it's patented ultra lightweight design and duability, makes the XD series perfect for every adventure without worrying about the weight or breaking it.


Ascent XD 48

With 48 Watts of solar power, the durable and compact Ascent XDTM48 Solar Charger is the ideal solution for charging today’s high-capacity power banks.

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Ascent Solar Custom Solutions



  • Our team of engineers comes with decades of experience to ensure your unique power requirements are met

  • We assist with process development, sourcing, supply chain, testing, and certification

  • We can develop fully-integrated systems to meet your nee


  • We listen to your requirements and work with you from initial conceptualization to end-product integration and testing

  • From custom bare module builds to integrated systems, we design custom products to your specific need


  • We design, develop, and manufacture our production-ready, award-winning solar technology in our state-of-the-art headquarters just outside Denver, Colorado

  • Our solar is manufactured for clients worldwide, ranging from Singapore, Japan, to Canada and the United States


  • We’re here to help from our first phone call through testing, implementation and troubleshooting

  • Our support staff is based in the USA

  • We can provide power management support on your complete systems