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Kr. 199,-

  • COLOR OPTIONS: Orange and Blue.
  • VERSATILE: They are compact and lightweight, easily fitting into a pocket or pack.
  • MADE FROM: A durable high impact polymer, they are resistant to fuel, oil, sunshine, saltwater, and they even float.
  • THE DIMENTIONS: Sprongs dimensions are based on home silverware for familiarity and comfort.The spoon is 1 tablespoon in volume, a common and useful unit of measure.
  • EACH HANDLINES: Holds 135 meters of 3,6-9.1 kg monofilament line and can be easily cast distances comparable to a rod and reel.
  • EACH WRAP: Eats up 25 centimeters of line, allowing you to retrieve fast enough to keep even heavy lures in play.
  • SAVE TIME: On the water. Pre-rig several handlines with different tackle setups.
  • THE PERFECT TOOL FOR: Backpacking, Campinging, Canoeing, Mortorcycle/Bicycle Touring, River Running, Bushcrafting, Wilderness Survival, Disaster Preparation or Impromptu.

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